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Bitterson Music
Chicago, IL

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Bio: Independent engineer with a mobile studio operation that is available to multitrack record live performances and then mix and master the performace. Also offers a mobile studio service where we bring the studio to the client in their space. Mixing, overdubbing, and audio touch up services also offered.

Expertise: Audio Engineering, Producing

Style(s): any

Influences: Great live recordings, Rock music, big PA systems, local music, Chris Lord Alge, self produced musicians, Mike Hari, Adam Newman, studio musicians

Interests: Rock music...big hair to classic to alt, old country music, Motown, acoustic guitar, foreign languages, history, political sciences, traveling, the beach, college football, Boston Red Sox


  • Music Industry Workshop
  • Rax Trax Studios
  • Pragma Studios
  • Adam Newman (engineer/studio owner)
  • Mike Hari (engineer)
  • How Far To Austin (band)
  • The Indoor Kids (band)
  • Bitterson (band)

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