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A Testimonial

To say my experience with David Johnson at Tricycle Sound exceeded my expectations would be an understatement. It was with some nervousness I pursued recording my music for the first time after more than 28 years of songwriting. My fears were erased within minutes of our first meeting. I knew David was just the type of person I was looking for. His attention to detail and integrity as an artist are unsurpassed. He not only did a magnificent job recording my songs but also played guitar, drums, bass, mandolin, organ and piano on my record and did all of them at a very high level. His relaxed and laid back demeanor belies the depth to which he cares first and foremost about getting the final product right. He offered unique insights and depth to my music without taking away from the core character of the songs. We recorded ten songs in about thirty hours over the course of 8 weeks and this included mixing time. He even attended the mastering session for the sole purpose of making sure everything was going well and to use it to find ways to improve his engineering skills. Everyone who has listened to my record comments on what a great session player David is and are impressed with the high quality of the recording.

I would recommend David and Tricycle Sound to anyone interested in producing a high quality recording at a price that is more than reasonable, it’s downright cheap, especially considering the work that David puts into the recording. I will be back at Tricycle Sound later this year to record ten more songs and consider it an honor and privilege to have David as my engineer.

Tim Kough

Hyatt Catering Music

Tricycle Sound has once again been commissioned by Hyatt to compose and produce music for the Catering mini websites for several of their locations.

You can now hear Tricycle Sound's music at their Cambridge Catering Site.

The music will also be used for the Catering sites for their Tampa, Fairlakes, Irvine, Bethesda, and Harborside locations.

A cover song/RPM challenge

Sanawon returned to the studio on Friday to record their treatment of Jawbreaker's Accident Prone, from their Dear You album. The cover song is scheduled to appear on the vinyl version of their excellent Bonfire Night full length.

Kaer Trouz answered the call of the RPM Challenge, a global challenge to musicians to write and record an album from start to finish in the month of February. After writing and tracking 8 songs in some 15 days, Kaer Trouz stopped into TS for a final mixdown before submission.

Stay tuned for further developments from the lab...

February Update

The creative energy is almost palpable here at Tricycle Sound, as we kick off 2008 with diverse and ambitious endeavors:

  • Favorite Saints debut album is completed and was recently mastered at Boiler Room mastering. The album features 13 songs tracked and mixed at TS. Release info to be announced shortly.
  • Currently Mixing: 9 songs of Americana and Honky Tonk fusion by songwriter Max Larkin
  • Currently Tracking: Phil Rockrohr's follow up album to 2006's 'Thru the Haze' and an album of vibrant soul and upbeat rockers with songwriter Jerome Holloway

We have recently expanded our arsenal of mixing tools with Universal Audio Powered Plug-ins, including the much-lauded Plate 140 plate reverb emulator and Pultec Pro EQ.

Another recent acquisition is a 1942 73-key Wurlitzer piano, which has a dark, rich tone that belies its small stature.


Sanawon album

Tricycle Sound recently recorded a full length album with Chicago's Sanawon, who made their way out East (meaning Korea) on tour back in October. Click on the image below to go to Sanawon HQ:


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